A New Experience in Interior Design & Renovation

We are the new generation of Interior Designers / and carpenters in Singapore,
We provide ONE-STOP Design and Renovation Services.

About Us

J.memo is an established interior design and renovation company. We are a service hub that provides design, construction, and all related services, focusing on your needs. We emphasize on the details and provide a variety of ideas, solutions and innovations to each and every one of our projects.

To enhance our value provided and to give customers the most compelling experience, we have an in-house carpentry production team.

We take pride in our superior workmanship and our strong attention to details, to ensure each product that rolls out of our factory is crafted to inch-perfect precision.

We provide comprehensive project coordination for our clients. Our highly skilled and focused project team is able to coordinate and work closely with one another, ensuring that all designs and products meet our clients’ expectations and needs.

We strive to work closely and utilise our expertise to make your dream house come true.


To create an aesthetic lifestyle customised to each unique client , bettering their everyday life.


Consistently produce perfect and exquisite products and deliver high quality customised craftsmanship.

Core Value

Customer Commitment- We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our clients’ lives, going where no others will.

Quality- We provide unparalleled services and products that maximises the value our clients get for their budget.

Teamwork- Every member of our team is a specialist in their respective area and coordinated seamlessly.

Result-Oriented- Set goals, make your decision & own the result.

Respect for people- Everyone is rewarded accordingly, so everything delivered to our clients are produced by happy people.

Growth- Constant research on trends and upgrading of our skills to stay at the top of the industry.

Personal Accountability- We deliver on our promises and more.

Persistent- Do what others are not prepared to do, be a force to the company & the world.